Twin Headers

We developed Mitsui Twin Headers in 1983, capitalizing on our technological prowess in road headers used for excavation of tunnels and drifts.
We have delivered more than 1,600 twin headers worldwide.

What is a Twin Header?

A twin header is one of the attachments to hydraulic excavators. It has a hydraulic motor propelled by the hydraulic circuit of the excavator and rotates cutting heads through gears. These rotating cutting heads excavate rock or ore.
Main applications of a twin header are excavation of road bases and gradients, excavation of ditches, tunneling, blending soil, etc.

Mitsui Twin Header Features

  • Low excavation noise allows operation in residential areas.
  • Low impact to hydraulic shovel minimizes wear and tear of the excavator.
  • Fine finishing of cutting face owing to the rotating cutting method.
  • Twin headers have various applications, such as root removal or foundation improvement, by exchanging cutter heads and/or picks.

Line-up of Mitsui Twin Headers

G Series Twin Header

G Series Twin Headers

The G series of twin headers, first introduced in 2003, are the latest addition to our twin header line-up.
The G series of twin headers combine a high-torque, low-speed, hydraulic motor and parallel reducers. Compared with the conventional combination of a low-torque high-speed hydraulic motor and planetary reducers, the structure is simpler and composed of fewer parts.
The G series excavate ditches easily with bigger cutting torque attributable to thinner drum width and smaller gap between drums.
A wide drum arrangement is available as an option to increase excavation capacity when working in a soft-rock area.

G Series Applications

Excavation of ditches, demolition (excavation of concrete foundations and unreinforced concrete), excavation of concrete chipping, tunneling, underwater excavation, frozen soil excavation, etc.

G Series Main Specifications

MT-1000G MT-1500G MT-3000G
Cutting drum revolution(rpm) 83min-1
(at oil flow rate of 170L/min)
(at oil flow rate of 220L/min)
(at oil flow rate of 280L/min)
Working oil pressure 32MPa max. 32MPa max. 35MPa max.
Working oil flow rate 210L/min max. 250L/min max. 360L/min max.
Weight (with bracket) 1070kg 1460kg 2270kg
Applicable geology (uniaxial compressive strength) 30MPa max. 40MPa max. 50MPa max.
Applicable hydraulic excavator 12-ton class 20-ton class 30-ton class

* The above specifications are subject to change without notice

S Series Twin Headers

S Series Features

The S series of twin headers was introduced in 1996, replacing the A series, to provide more power and easier handling.
The S series of twin headers combine a low-torque, high-speed, hydraulic motor and planetary reducers.
Because the structure of the S series allows flexible adjustment of dimensions between a bracket and a drum, it is possible to attach the most suitable drum depending on whether the task requires a flat pick or is blending, root removal, etc.

S Series Applications

Foundation improvement, root removal, tunneling, concrete chipping excavation, underwater excavation, frozen soil excavation, etc.

S Series Main Specifications

MT-300S MT-600S MT-1000S
Cutting drum revolution (rpm) 42min-1
(at oil flow rate of 63L/min)
(at oil flow rate of 150L/min)
(at oil flow rate of 220L/min)
Working oil pressure 28MPa max. 32MPa max. 32MPa max.
Working oil flow rate 80L/min max. 210L/min max. 250L/min max.
Weight (with bracket) 560kg 1100kg 1400kg
Applicable geology (uniaxial compressive strength) 15MPa max. 30MPa max. 40MPa max.
Applicable hydraulic excavator 8-ton class 12-ton class 20-ton class
MT-2000S MT-4000S
Cutting drum revolution (rpm) 51min-1
(at oil flow rate of 220L/min)
(at oil flow rate of 390L/min)
Working oil pressure 32MPa max. 32MPa max.
Working oil flow rate 360L/min max. 490L/min max.
Weight (with bracket) 2100kg 3900kg
Applicable geology (uniaxial compressive strength) 50MPa max. 80MPa max.
Applicable hydraulic excavator 30-ton class 40-ton class

*The above specifications are subject to change without notice

Twin Header Delivery Record


Tunneling, dam base cutting, road gradient cutting, steel tower foundation work, diaphragm wall chipping work, coral stone cutting, weak foundation improvement, root removal, ditch drilling, work in steelworks, contaminated soil improvement, asphalt chipping work, quarrying, demolition, underwater excavation, canal enlargement, frozen earth excavation

Territories Currently Served

Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Myanmar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia

Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Luxemburg, Spain, France, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Greece, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Poland, Sweden, Lichtenstein,

Egypt, South Africa, Libya, Algeria

The Americas
The United States, Canada, Colombia, Hawaii, Guam

Australia, New Zealand

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