Fluid Machinery

Fluids are substances that can be freely deformed, such as gases and liquids. Water and air are typical examples. Fluid machinery is the collective term for machines used for moving fluids. We design and manufacture fans and blowers for moving gases, such as air, and pumps for moving liquids, such as water.

Industrial Fans

We design and manufacture centrifugal fans, centrifugal blowers, and axial flow fans for smelting works, steelworks, paper mills, power stations, and sewage treatment facilities in accordance with user needs.

Ventilation Systems for Tunneling Work

We provide contra fans used for road/railroad tunneling work and construction of underground power stations and underground storage centers, etc., and the MDEX series of dust collectors for capturing dust generated by construction work.

Tunnel Ventilation Systems

We provide environmentally friendly large axial flow fans and jet fans, combining low- current-starting, high-efficiency motors manufactured in house.


We manufacture a wide range of pumps suitable for diverse applications, including pumps for water and sewage facilities, general-purpose industrial pumps, agricultural pumps, pumps for river irrigation facilities, and tunnel safety facilities.