Tunnel Ventilation Systems

Long-distance tunnels and tunnels with heavy traffic are equipped with large axial flow fans (air blowers/exhausters), jet fans, dust collectors, and other ventilation equipments. to ensure safety. We provide environmentally friendly large axial flow fans and jet fans combined with low-current-starting, high-efficiency motors manufactured in house.

Tunnel Ventilation System Line-up

Large Axial Flow Fans

Central exhaust ventilation is widely applied to tunnels with heavy traffic and long-distance tunnels. These systems require large axial flow fans. We have delivered large axial flow fans with a maximum diameter of 4,000mm for Niigata Minato Tunnel (Niigata Prefecture), Tokyo Port Rinkai Tunnel (Tokyo), Kitamachi-Wakagi Tunnel (Tokyo), etc.
Our system doesn't need a voltage regulator for soft start because of its unique low-current-starting and high-efficiency motor manufactured in house.

Jet Fans

Longitudinal flow ventilation using jet fans is widely applied to road tunnels.
We were the first manufacturer in Japan to develop high-velocity jet fans, which are currently the main stream. Jet fans manufactured by us are installed in numerous tunnels throughout Japan. Our fan uses our proprietary low-current-starting, high-efficiency motor and it is possible to reduce the diameter of the lengthy jet fan power cables.