Planetary Gear Reducers

Toughman G, Mitsui Miike Machinery's Planetary Gear Reducers

Since its foundation in 1882, Mitsui Miike Machinery has been manufacturing equipment that incorporates gears. We were the pioneer of planetary gear reducer technology in Japan, and we have been leading development of the Japanese planetary gear reducer market.
The Toughman G, series of planetary gear reducers exploit the two key attributes of planetary gear reducers, namely, compactness and light weight, to offer great advantages in terms of weight reduction and space saving.
Today, the Toughman G series satisfies needs in such diverse fields as construction, maritime transport, material handling, excavation, chemicals, and fluids.
As a leading manufacturer of planetary gear reducers, we strive to earn customer confidence and vigorously tackle promising new fields.

Toughman G's Features

Compact and Lightweight

As the torque transmitted by the sun gear is equally distributed across planetary gears (from three to five planetary gears), the load applied to each gear is small, realizing a compact and lightweight planetary gear reducer.
This 5-planetary-gear system is made possible by our original carrier.


Blue: Sun gear (input side) Red: Planet gear Green: Carrier (output side) Yellow: Internal gear

Configuration with a Small Number of Parts

The ultra-simple planetary gear reducer structure is composed of a small number of parts.
As well as compactness and light weight, high maintainability is achieved.


Various shapes are available for the interface of planetary gear reducer input and output devices of different sizes.
For direct connection to a motor, a gear case is fabricated to suit the motor interface.

General industrial planetary gear reducer

Planetary gear reducer for crane turning

Planetary gear reducer for winch

Toughman G Application Examples

Toughman G is used in diverse fields. Some applications are introduced below.

Field Models
Material handling Stacker, reclaimer, continuous ship unloader, coal unloader, ship loader, bucket elevator, derrick crane, container crane, jib crane, gantry crane, excavator, launching platform
Chemicals Attritor, extruder, papermaking machinery, mixer, dehydrator, screw press, kneader
Environmental Crusher, shredder
Machine tools Band saw, injection molder
Pneumatic and hydraulic Pump, aerator, thickener
Steel Roll bender, pig machine, pinch roll, cross conveyer, bending roll, turn dish, Inba filter
Ship Deck crane, hose handling crane, anchor windlass, mooring winch, hoist, capstan, provision crane, turning
Actuator Valve actuator
Leisure Gondola, ski lift, windmill, Ferris wheel
Shield and tunnel boring Shield, small-diameter boring machine, TBM
Boring Auger, earth drill, underwater excavator, casing driver
Construction crane Crawler crane, tower crane, truck crane
Road Road stabilizer, drum cutter, cold planer
Other construction machinery Concrete pump, winch, lift, concrete mixer
Other Parabola antenna, car-parking tower, clarifier, hose reel, mill, turntable, wind power generator

Toughman G Application

Main applications of Toughman G are introduced.

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