Belt Conveyor Systems

Foundation of Conveyance Technology

Our conveyor systems convey bulk materials, such as coal and limestone, in various ways according to customer needs.

Belt Conveyor Systems Line-up

Trough Belt Conveyor

Trough belt conveyor systems are mainly used for conveying bulk materials, such as coal, limestone, ore, and chips at steel works, power stations, paper mills, etc.

Vertical Belt Conveyor

This system is used for silo storage, for conveying materials to a higher level, or at narrow sites where a trough belt conveyor cannot be used for conveying materials to a higher level. It is a breakthrough system enabling vertical conveying of material through friction by compressing materials between two belts.

Steep Incline Belt Conveyor

This conveyor system is used for conveying materials from a lower level to a higher level at a steep inclination. Another belt is placed as a support on top of materials on a conveyor belt to prevent slippage.

Pipe Belt Conveyor

The conveyor belt is rolled into a cylindrical shape to minimize dust and spillage. As well as being environmentally friendly, a pipe belt conveyor system contributes to cost reduction because the "pipe" shape achieves a relatively high degree of layout flexibility.