Material Handling Machinery Delivery Record

Delivery Record

Delivery Record Overseas

The United States, Brazil, Colombia, Russia, Australia, Bahrain, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, China

Delivery Record in Japan

Number of Units Delivered by Product

Product name Number of units delivered Maximum capacity
Continuous ship unloader (CSU) 6 2,800t/h
Ship loader (SL) 50 6,500t/h
Stacker (S) 248 6,500t/h
Reclaimer (R) 217 4,000t/h
Stacker/reclaimer (SR) 79 7,000t/h
Silo system (SILO) 54 70,000t/silo
Vertical belt conveyor (VBC) 85 Capacity: 2,000t/h
Height: 47m
Pipe belt conveyor (PC) 50 Capacity: 1,800t/h
Length: 1,600m
Self-loading system (SL) & self-unloading system (SUL) 20 4,000t/h