Material Handling Machinery

We provide systems for handling and storage of a wide range of bulk materials, ranging from mineral resources, such as coal, limestone, and iron ore, and forest resources, such as timber and wood chips, to special industrial waste, such as flue-gas gypsum and coal ash, and general industrial waste. We are striving to meet diverse customer needs. Our R&D in recent years has focused on labor-saving and space-saving systems and environmentally friendly systems with minimal emissions of CO2 and dust.

Loading and Unloading Machinery at Port

These systems handle unloading from ship to shore or loading from shore to ship of bulk materials such as coal and limestone.

Open Yard Stackers/Reclaimers

These systems stack and reclaim cargo, such as coal and limestone, unloaded from ship to shore or loading to ship, in open yards.

Indoor Storage and Discharge Systems

These systems are used for indoor storage and discharge of raw materials and fuel unloaded from ship to shore or loading to ship. They are also suitable for environmentally conscious storage of by-products generated at power stations or steel works without outdoor discharging.

Belt Conveyor Systems

Our conveyor systems convey bulk materials, such as coal and limestone, in various ways according to customer needs.

Self-loading and Unloading Systems

We provide conveyor systems for vessels that automatically and efficiently load cargo from shore to vessel or unload it from vessel to shore. Our self-unloader for vessel systems (SUL) is the only integrated system of its kind in the world and we have the top market share in Japan.

Material Handling Machinery Delivery Record

As a comprehensive solution provider for material handling machinery, we have delivered systems that satisfy diverse customer needs around the world.