Open Yard Stackers/Reclaimers

Outstanding Market Share in Japan

These systems stack and reclaim cargo, such as coal and limestone, unloaded from ship to shore or loading to ship, in open yards.

Open Yard Stacker/Reclaimer Line-up


This system is used for stacking cargo in yards. Travelling, turning and elevation enables uniform stacking of cargo in yards.


This system is used for reclaiming cargo stacked in yards. A scraper equipped with a bucket wheel enables continuous reclaiming of a fixed quantity.

Stacker Reclaimer

This system has both stacker and reclaimer functions.

Blending Stacker

This system stacks different types of cargo in several layers. It is used in combination with a blending reclaimer for uniform mixing of several types of cargo.

Blending Reclaimer

This system reclaims cargo stacked by a blending stacker by uniformly mixing it.