Self-loading & Unloading Systems

Revolution in Transport Efficiency

We provide conveyor systems for vessels that automatically and efficiently load cargo from shore to vessel and unload it from vessel to shore. Our self-unloader for vessel systems (SUL) is the only integrated system of its kind in the world and we have the top market share in Japan.

Self-loading and Unloading Systems Line-up

Self-loading System

A conveyor installed on the deck of a vessel automatically and uniformly loads cargo conveyed by a vessel loader on shore. It is a breakthrough system. Since the junction between the vessel loader on shore and the conveyor on the vessel is sealed to prevent exposure of cargo to the outdoor environment, loading is unaffected by the weather.

Self-unloading System

The MDM-VBC system is a combination of a Mitsui discharge machine (MDM) with six arms, which is installed at the bottom of the hold, and a vertical belt conveyor (VBC) system to rapidly convey the cargo discharged from the bottom of the hold to the deck. We provide customized systems attuned to the conditions, such as hull size, loading port, and unloading port.

Double Reloader System

This system automatically loads in the hold of a vessel or unloads to shore bulk materials with very high flow characteristics, such as cement and limestone. An air slider is installed at the bottom of the hold and materials hover on air blown from below. The materials gathered at the center of the hull are sucked into an upper pipe and unloaded to shore. For loading, a pipe installed on deck automatically loads materials into the hold.